SEEN’s Interview

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My name is Seen, I’m from New York City, in the Bronx, I am a graffiti artist.
I painted I liked to paint and I wanted to do it and it did give me an rush and that would make me come back to do more because of the rush, yes.
I have no clue how many I’ve painted in my . I just went out every day, seven days a week, daytime, , I painted and painted and painted, I could never count.
I had never thought it would actually go , the way it had gone, I had never thought it would ever New York City. It was something that I just to do and didn’t think nothing much of it as a . But come 1980 I started to show my work in and around the world and…So for me it’s really not a new thing, it’s almost 30 years of doing that now, but in the days, I had no clue. Yeah.
My was always about being readable but also at the same time which I may explain it to you as I felt it was again because it’s graffiti and you wanted to see your name and be to read it. So, my style it’s all about the itself S-E-E-N to be very legible but I would take the and the and the pieces, work my “Ss” work my “Ns”.
I’ve never been found guilty with the for my graffiti never at all, they’ve tried many times to create a , they’ve locked me up, they’ve tried to fill a case me, they’ve tried to fill a public case against me, to make an out of me. But, in the end none of it was able to stick and they would have to me go.
Even when the came, or the dogs or whatever, I loved it, I enjoyed the , you know, and the chase of not, hopefully not getting and I enjoyed it even more after I got away that I got over it. So there was never any fear, for me that was part of the and you played the game and what ever happened, happened and I found it very .
If you want to talk about fears, I’m of the ocean, I don’t go on .
Well, I up in a different place and time and for me it was about up and not getting caught. It was about painting, what I wanted to do without the police chasing me or catching me. It was a thrill, there was a thrill about that of getting over.
Today a lot of it seems to be more and in the late 90s I tried to paint out on the streets that were legal but for me there was no left, it was gone, I missed the thrill of getting over, you .