All that we share transcript

Gap-fill exercise

   always      avoid      bisexual      boxes      brokenhearted      bullied      clown      confident      countryside      courage      cow      dance      don’t      earners      easy      getting      honestly      hope      life      lonely      love      meaning      never      new      others      parents      personal      questions      religious      saved      sex      share      suddenly      them      together      trust      UFO      us      Welcome   
It’s to put people in . There’s . And there’s . The high . And those just by.
Those we . And those we . There’s the Danes. And those who have been here.
The people from the . And those who have seen a . The . And the .
There are those we something with.
And those we share something with.

. I am going to ask you some today. Some might be a bit – but I you will answer them .

Who in this room was the class ?
Who are step ?
And then there’s us.
We who believe in after death.
We who have seen a .
And all of us who love to .
We who have been .
And we who have bullied .
And then there’s us who had this past week.
We who are .
We who are madly in .
We who feel .
We who are .
And we who acknowledge the of others.
We who have found the of life.
And those of us who have a life.
And then there’s all of us who just Denmark.
So maybe there’s more that brings us than we think.
TV2Danmark All that we share.