All that we share transcript

Gap-fill exercise

It’s to put people in . There’s . And there’s . The high . And those just by.
Those we . And those we . There’s the Danes. And those who have been here.
The people from the . And those who have seen a . The . And the .
There are those we something with.
And those we share something with.

. I am going to ask you some today. Some might be a bit – but I you will answer them .

Who in this room was the class ?
Who are step ?
And then there’s us.
We who believe in after death.
We who have seen a .
And all of us who love to .
We who have been .
And we who have bullied .
And then there’s us who had this past week.
We who are .
We who are madly in .
We who feel .
We who are .
And we who acknowledge the of others.
We who have found the of life.
And those of us who have a life.
And then there’s all of us who just Denmark.
So maybe there’s more that brings us than we think.
TV2Danmark All that we share.